PPC Management

Pay Per Click Management
Pay-Per Click Management 

Professionally Managed PPC Campaign

Customized to each clients needs and goals.

PPC is highly complex and the management of this for our client involves an on-going relationship to maximize return for the advertising client.  

Misinformation is prevalent in the PPC world and every company has to approach a campaign in a different manner.  99% of PPC management and advertising companies donot let you see or have any knowledge of how they are working on your campaign.  Some do not even use your top keywords to lower costs and create higher revenue for them.

Standard industry practice for large local marketing companies is anywhere from 30-60% of your entire budget devoted to their profits.  If you do not believe this just ask your provider to show you the adwords screen and billing so you can see actual dollar amount.  I do understand that a company has to make money but that is why they have a shelf life clients of 3-6 months and they have to continually attract new customers due to high amount of churn for under performing clients.  I was one of these people and I learned it is better to work directly with a expert then to go with the cookie cutter large companies.

My clients are able to see the actual screen via once a month meeting where we meet online and you can look at my screen in real time.  I believe proof is in the pudding and yes some PPC campaigns do not work and are not profitable no matter what you do.  Google has been losing PPC revenue due to this and clicks in many field are coming down in price due to people finally waking up to this fact.  Now is a great time to work with DLR Digital Media and learn how we can help you get a true result or at least tell you how to go about some basic things yourself for a $40 hour consulting fee.

I welcome the opportunity to show my experience in the matter and what works and what does not.  I have worked with over 400+ plus local and small businesses throughout the United States and hope to hear from you.

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(Minimum monthly investment is $400.00 USD for a campaign ~ $40/hour for consulting conversation)
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