Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy
DLR Digital Media is focused on making your marketing and advertising successful. David Russell the principle designer and owner of DLR Digital Media has worked in the digital marketing field for over 6 years with great companies like Vocalize Mobile and Duda (Formerly DudaMobile) to name a few. He started DLR Digital Media to work closely with his clients and to give them a better return. He does not take on all clients and people interested in working with him.  He works with those that are aligned to be successful and understand the effort and cost that is involved to grow.
David offers a free 30 minute Initial Digital Strategy Consultation to see what your organization is about, what you are doing now with regards to marketing and advertising and if your a good fit to work with DLR Digital Media.  (He always will leave you with recommendations even if he decides it is not a good fit for DLR Digital.)
Some of the Topics Involved Include:
  • Length of time in business 
  • Target Audience and Customers
  • What your past experience with traditional and digital advertising
  • Past success or failure
  • Realistic budgeting for success and ROI
  • Indepth understanding of your business and competition
  • Things you can do for yourself and save you money
  • Real recommendation from past real world experience
DLR Digital Media welcomes the opportunity to talk with you and learn more about how we can help or just point you in the right direction.
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